My Guaranteed Plan

Funeral Pre-Planning

" Funeral preplanning removed the worry of leaving behind a financial burden'"

What Exactly is

My is a not-for-profit website that represents bereavement establishments in Canada who are dedicated to providing you with clear information about all the benefits of planning your final wishes in advance. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision when it comes to your final wishes whether it be a traditional funeral, cremation or celebration of life that is unique to you. Planning in advance gives you the chance to be remembered the way you choose and ensures that your loved ones don't have to go through the unnecessary stress and expenses that can come from making hasty decisions at the last minute.

Every year in North America, tens of thousands of people preplan their funeral arrangements for themselves or a loved one. Funeral Preplanning is simple. It involves meeting with a preplanning Specialist and establishing what type of arrangement makes sense for you and your family and discussing the simple details required to facilitate your plan. This is a free no obligation service that all bereavement establishments offer. Once determined, the funeral plan is funded according to your individual needs and budget and remains on file with the licensed establishment until the services are required.

The Guarantee

What many people don't know is that should you decide to pre-pay for your final arrangements is that the funds are guaranteed as is the price that you agree to at the time of signing a contract with a affiliated establishment. That's the Guaranteed part! Your prepayment is invested by Guaranteed Funeral Deposits of Canada, a third party financial institution and the interest earned offsets the cost of inflation. Any shortfall in the cost of your desired arrangment is absorbed by the establishment where you made your arrangements and any excess funds are returned to the estate. For you this means, you lock in at today’s price for tomorrow's funeral. 

Your Plan is Protected by Law

All licensed bereavement establishments in Ontario contribute to a Compensation Fund which is administered by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario. The Bereavement Authority of Ontario provides compensation in the event of misappropriation of trust monies, protecting the consumer.

All Ontario funeral homes, cemeteries, transfer services and crematoriums are governed by provincial regulation. All funds deposited with a licensed funeral establishment must, by law, be deposited "in trust" to a bank, credit union or loan company in Ontario. All funds on deposit with a affiliated establishment are placed with a bank and invested only in GIC's (as per provincial regulation), and consequently are protected by either CDIC (federal insurance) if deposited in a bank, or DICO (provincial insurance) if deposited with a credit union, or Assuris (industry sponsored not-for-profit corporation) if deposited with an insurance company.