My Guaranteed Plan

Funeral Pre-Planning

" Funeral preplanning removed the worry of leaving behind a financial burden'"

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is My Guaranteed Plan and how does it work? is a resource where you can get Your Guaranteed Plan started by learning about the benefits of Pre-Planning/Pre-arranging your final wishes whether it be a traditional funeral, cremation or a celebration of life unique to you. If and when you want to know more we can direct you to a licensed Pre-Planning Specialist in your area via our Get Started Form. They will provide you with a free, no obligation consultation to get a plan for yourself or for a family member started.

Why should I Pre-Plan/Pre-Pay my final arrangements?
  • Pre-paying makes sure that there are funds available to cover the cost of your funeral, cremation or celebration of life.
  • Pre-paying relieves your family from the stress of paying and arranging for your funeral, so they can focus on themselves and honoring your story.
  • Families are better able to cope when the subject of final planning has been discussed and an arrangement is in place.
  • Pre-arranging for your funeral is good financial planning and is part of every estate plan.
  • Pre-planning gives you the peace of mind knowing that your final wishes were carried out the way you wanted them to and your family was spared the burden of paying for a funeral.
  • You are eligible receive discounts when you pre-pay.
  • In most cases, prices are guaranteed, which means that you lock into today's prices for a service in the future.
How do I get started with My Guaranteed Plan?

Pre-planning starts with you selecting a licensed Pre-planning specialist via the Get Started Form. We will then pass on your request for information to the local establishment of your choice and they will contact you for a free no obligation discussion about how to get Your Guaranteed Plan started!

How much will my final arrangements cost?

Costs depend on the services and the products you choose, such as casket, flowers, catering, music, etc. Your local pre-planning specialist can give you an estimate without any cost or obligation.

If I pre-pay with a affiliated establishment is my money safe?

Yes, it absolutely is. All licensed funeral establishments in Ontario contribute to a Compensation Fund which is administered by the Board of Funeral Service. The Board of Funeral Services provides compensation in the event of misappropriation of trust monies, protecting the consumer.

All Ontario funeral homes, cemeteries, transfer services and crematoriums are governed by provincial regulation. All funds deposited with a licensed funeral establishment must, by law, be deposited "in trust" to a bank, credit union or loan company in Ontario. All funds on deposit with a affiliated establishment are placed with a bank and invested only in GIC's (as per provincial regulation), and consequently are protected by either CDIC (federal insurance) if deposited in a bank, or DICO (provincial insurance) if deposited with a credit union, or Assuris (industry sponsored not-for-profit corporation) if deposited with an insurance company.

What funding options do  affiliated establishments offer to fund my final wishes?

Trust, Insurance, Annuity and Travel Assistance Plans to pay for your pre-planned service are options at affiliated establishments. When you invest with one of these establishment’s,  their products earn interest which is meant to offset the rate of inflation. The portfolio of financial products offered by our affiliated establishments outperform those of all banking institutions in Ontario.

Can I pay in installments?

When you purchase a funeral pre-arrangement, you can either pay the entire sum at once, or pay in monthly, quarterly or yearly installments.

What if I change my mind about my pre-arrangements?

As your life circumstances change, so can your pre-arrangements. In fact, it is prudent to review your pre-arrangements every 5-10 years to ensure your plan still makes sense to you and your family.

What happens if I pass away while travelling?

The most important thing to remember if a death occurs while travelling is to contact the funeral home in your home town. They can advocate for you and alleviate much of the worry and confusion that can occur during this particularly stressful time. Also, you should check with your Funeral Home to see if they offer a Travel Assistance Plan. These plans are inexpensive and cover the costs to bring you home and handle all the necessary paperwork and legalities in the event of a death away from home.

I received mail from an insurance company about purchasing a funeral plan. Is this the same as a Guaranteed Plan?

Not necessarily. You should never purchase any kind of "funeral plan" before talking with someone from a licensed funeral home. Often, these types of mailers are offering a final expense insurance policy and are not a pre-paid funeral at all. A pre-paid funeral will always involve an itemized pre-paid contract with a licensed funeral establishment, signed by a licensed funeral director. If you are unsure if an establishment or representative is licensed, then you should ask to see the license.

It is important to deal only with a licensed funeral establishment to ensure that you have a pre-paid contract that qualifies under the Compensation Fund which exists to protect the consumer.

What is an Eligible Funeral Arrangement?

A pre-paid contract up to $15,000 with a licensed funeral establishment qualifies as an EFA (Eligible Funeral Arrangement) which ensures that all interest earned in the pre-paid fund grows tax exempt. A funeral service for $15,000 and a cemetery service for $20,000 or a combined total of $35,00 qualifies for an EFA.

Executorships and Wills FAQ's

I want to name an Executor for my estate. Where do I begin?

You can choose to have a family member, friend or third party professional handle the settlement of your estate. There are many options available: from a professional handling everything to ease the burden on your family and friends, to co-executor services where the estate settlement is handled by both a family member/friend and a professional.

What are the duties of an executor?

An executor's duties vary depending on the complexity of the estate. Some duties include: locating, reading and interpreting the will, gathering the estate's assets (financial, insurance, pensions) and administering the estate (close out accounts, locate missing beneficiaries, distribution of personal effects, etc...). Your local funeral professional will be able to provide you with a planning guide and booklets to help you get organized.

Is there assistance for my chosen Executor?

Executors have the right to seek assistance and still retain their decision-making authority. An executor can get help from trust companies, lawyers and accountants.

Do I need a Will?

Yes. Having a legal will makes things easier for your family. A legal will not only outlines how your assets are to be distributed, it also states who is responsible (your executor). Not having a will or having a poorly drawn will can place unnecessary stress on your family and will make simple tasks (like closing bank accounts) much more difficult.

What is considered a legal Will?

In Canada there are four types of legal Wills.

  • Formal Will is drawn up by a lawyer or notary and signed according to the requirements of provincial law.
  • Holograph Will is a handwritten Will that is signed by the maker but does not have to be witnessed. (Not valid in all provinces and not recommended).
  • International Will is drafted and signed according to set standards agreed to by certain jurisdictions who have signed an international convention regarding Wills. (Not valid in all provinces).
  • Quebec notary Will that is drawn up by a notary.